Canvas Bag

Give your business the continuous attention it deserves with this stylish personalised tote bag.

With ample space for your logo and printed message, this spacious bag makes for the perfect hand out to your prospects and clients.

Got a promotional event coming up? Why not offer your target market this tote bag as a goodwill gesture? With your company details on display, you are sure to boost your customer-base!

Size Chart


Material: 5oz Natural Cotton
Dimension: 35cm (H) x 35cm (W) x 10cm (D)
Handle: 53cm (L)


Material: 8oz Natural Cotton
Dimension: 33cm (H) x 43cm (W) x 10cm (D)
Handle: 53cm (L)


Material: 8oz Natural Cotton
Dimension: 35cm (H) x 35cm (W) x 10cm (D)
Handle: 53cm (L)


Material: 5oz Natural Cotton
Dimension: 38cm (H) x 35cm (W)
Handle: 53cm (L)



What is Heatpress?

Heatpress is a method of printing that is used to transfer the images onto the apparels.

There is no minimum quantity for Heatpress.

What is Silkscreen?

Silkscreen is a method of printing where the ink is being printed directly onto the apparels.

The minimum quantity for Silkscreen is 20 pieces.
Please request for a custom quote for Silkscreen.

Do you provide other sizes?

Please check with us on the size that you require.

Is there a bulk discount?

Yes. Please request for a custom quote for 20 pieces and above.


What are the file formats that you can accept?

PDF, JPG, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator

Will you prepare a mockup for me?

We will prepare a mockup for you to view, after the order is placed and before we process for printing.

How do I ensure that the printouts will be clear?

Please ensure that your file resolution are in 300DPI and in the exact size that you wish to print.

What is 300DPI?

Windows: Right click on the file name and select Properties > Details.

Mac: Open the image in Preview and select Tools > Adjust Size. It’s labelled Resolution.


What is your payment terms?

Our payment terms are 100% upfront.

Do you accept e-invoice?

Yes. Please send in an email with your official email address to request.

Can you offer credit terms on a monthly basis?

We do not offer credit terms to new customers.

Credit terms can be offered to customers who have been printing with us on a regular basis for a minimum period of 3 months, have consistent printing volume on a monthly basis and the ability to pay the monthly invoices on time.


Do you deliver?

We offer free deliveries for orders above $120 otherwise, it’s $15.

When’s your delivery days?

Our delivery days are every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

What time should I expect the deliveries?

Our deliveries are via third party couriers and thus, we can only promise the deliveries to be within working hours before 7pm but we are unable to promise an exact timing.

When will I receive my orders?

Self Collection: The order will be ready within 5 working days, unless otherwise specified.

Delivery: The order will be delivered on the next delivery day, after the order is completed.

Free deliveries for orders above $50. Read More

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